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Anna is a wife, a mother, a businesswoman...and a serial killer.
As part of a unique support group comprised of like-minded compulsive multiple murderers known as the Bristol Savages, she has been able to suppress the compulsion to kill and carve out a normal life for herself.
But someone is aware of the Bristol Savages, and is targeting its members...and making it look as if Anna is responsible.
At the same time, a new task force is set up to focus solely on psychopaths, and as this new unit begins to close in on her and the Bristol Savages, Anna must race against the clock to find out who is behind the killings and stop them, before either her secret is exposed or her family becomes the next target of this insatiable killer.

Six years after the investigation into the Bristol Savages, Masks of Sanity follows Detective Sarah Goodchild, who is no closer to discovering the whereabouts of Anna Lewis.
Instead, she is on the hunt for a particularly malicious child killer known as the Kindergardener. But as the investigation progresses, she begins to discover that the two are curiously connected.
On a cold night in February, during the worst storm in fifty years, the final battle will play out.

Puppet Psycho is the explosive and terrifying conclusion to this trilogy, and follows directly on from Masks of Sanity, as Detective Goodchild desperately searches for the notorious child killer known as the Kindergardener.

Here is what some readers are saying about The Bristol Savages:

"Not your run of the mill serial killer story. Brilliant, this author is heading up on my favorite author's list." - Amazon Reviewer

"For fans of police procedures and serial killers, this book is a true winner! The plot is fascinating and I was totally engrossed." - Amazon Reviewer

"Brilliant book the concept quite shocking and thought provoking well written and a complex plot really enjoyed it would highly recommend." - Amazon Reviewer

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