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science fiction & fantasy

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Ben is on the run.
BenjaminFoster is seventeen years old, alone, afraid, and being chased by agovernment agency known only as Midwich.
It seems that Ben knows too much.
Three years ago, in the small seaside town of Piermont Sands, an explosion set in motion a series of events which exposed the truth behind the small community...and the person responsible for the murder of some of its more prominent citizens.
Science fiction, murder mystery, and an unforgettable adventure all combine to make this an irresistible novel.


It is time to bring the fight to Midwich...
Ben returns to Piermont Sands to find answers.
Instead, in Piermont Woods, he finds Shalom.
Like Ben, she has been on the run for three years, surviving any way she can.
Ben is overjoyed, but three years is a long time, and Shalom has changed. Coupled with an unlikely ally, Ben doesn't know if he can trust her.
But if they are to defeat Midwich, then they will somehow have to find a way to work together.



Re-united with Pete, Ben and his friends managed to escape the Bradford Exchange; bruised, bloodied, but alive.
Their fight is not over however.
With the help of a new ally inside Midwich, they must once more attempt to confront their enemy.
But now they realise that their enemy is much closer to home.
Get ready for an explosive, pulse-pounding ending to this dramatic tale, as the final chapter of this YA science fiction adventure finally draws to a close!

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Marianne Venker has gone missing.
In desperation, her wealthy father employs an unorthodox agency to find her, and they in turn call on Robert Paine.
Paine has a knack. Paine can do things that other people can't, can find things seemingly lost, can uncover clues where none seemingly existed.
Unbeknownst to all, Paine can read minds.
It is not a gift he has ever asked for, or ever wanted. It is something that has left him with an aversion to all humanity. He doesn't want to hear everyone's thoughts, he doesn't want to know what everyone is thinking; because of his talent, he can't possibly have a normal life. He simply wants to be left alone.
But even psychics have to earn a living.
Using his unusual talent, Paine talks to the people in Marianne's life, gradually piecing together the events leading up to her disappearance. At the same time, with the help of a neuroscientist, he begins to discover what it is that gives him the ability to read other people's thoughts.
Can Paine save Marianne Venker?
Can he save himself?

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Dr Rebecca 'Beck' Caulder is a specialist in Congenital Disorders.
So why has she been called in by the government to help with an investigation into a possible viral outbreak?
Even though a number of animals have died, there are only two human fatalities...and they are twins.
Strange then that there is no record that one of the men ever existed.
A step by step scientific investigation by Beck into the outbreak leads her to the conclusion that what she and the Outbreak Control Team are looking into is not an outbreak at all, but something far more mysterious.

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By his own admission, Andrew Rendell is far from exemplary, and the life he leads in the small town of Bramsworth is very ordinary.
But when he wakes one morning to find that there is no TV, no internet, no working phones, and that every road out of Bramsworth is blocked, Andrew begins to suspect that his ordinary life is not so ordinary after all. With the help of his friends, Andrew attempts to find out why the town of Bramsworth is being kept in the dark.
Andrew Rendell's life is ordinary, but what he discovers is the most incredible adventure anyone has ever known.

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