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Vanishing Point (Sutton Mills Book 4)

Vanishing Point grew from a single idea.

And that idea grew from a single news item.

In this eclectic, multifaceted, multimedia entrenched world, it is impossible for me to recall how I gleamed this particular news item...and the irony is not lost on me. Like a trowel scouring the sea bed, things will stick in the filters of my mind with no idea of where or how they came to be there.

The news item made mention of the police plundering an Alexa device for evidence relating to a murder. The idea that this silent technology might be used as a potential witness, and therefore could also be used as a means for more nefarious deeds, was the first step towards what eventually became Sutton's fourth outing: Vanishing Point. The Rumbler was born. A modern criminal, unseen, manipulating his victims through the medium of technology.

Quite early on, it became obvious to me that I needed an institution of some kind. It didn't matter which one, but as Bristol has a lot of very good universities and colleges, it seemed natural to select a place of learning. But I needed certain things from it, and not wanting to offend current learning establishments - and because I needed certain elements - I made one up. I created a slice of fictitious Bristol. I hope it did it well enough that you believed it was real.

This latest installment also felt like Sutton was growing up. Most of Sutton's adventures have been without consequence, at least to his inner circle; not the case with The Artisans. In Vanishing Point, we witness the direct aftermath of this; and we too see that not all victories are without sacrifices. In the end, this tragedy somehow makes Sutton a better man...or at least, it makes him want to be a better man.

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A Fictitious Piece of Bristol



Whiteladies Road - a scene of an accident, or a murder? For more information click on the photos.

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More photos of Whiteladies Road. Click on the photographs for more information.

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