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So this is where you get to know me.

It's always difficult to condense your life experience into a couple of paragraphs. Like those Reader Digest books they used to do, too much editing can leave the reader wanting...or that they haven't gotten much of anything at all.

Besides a brief three year stint living on the island of Ibiza, I grew up in the small seaside town of Weston-super-Mare. Like a lot of kids at that age, I read comics. Principally because I liked the art. Art was what I did back then; it was my raison d'etre.

But in secret my mind was being seduced by the written word. Pat Mills. Grant Morrison. Even working in the comics form, these guys knew what they were doing. When I started buying comics for the stories rather than the art, I should have known, or at least suspected. But I didn't.

Writing took me completely by surprise.

To me, writing is a sacred thing.

Its impossible to adequately convey the complete and utter joy I received from the novels I read growing up. I doubt there is a living writer who feels differently. But for me, it was strange to find something like this so late in life. Although I had had brushes with fiction - I always have a very vivid memory of being read The Witches in primary school and being absolutely delighted by it - I didn't get bitten until I was fourteen. A late bloomer, you might call me.

I started writing that same year. After all, it was only words.

​Fast forward twenty six years, and then try and convince me that I am not obsessed. Because I won't believe you.

But this is a good thing, at least to anyone thinking of reading my work: because all I ever wanted to do was be able to pass on a little bit of the joy that I felt - that I still feel - when the writing is good.

My remit is to write stories that entertain. It’s the only rule I have.

You, dear Reader, are best qualified to judge if I am living up to the law I have set down for myself.


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