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Below is a list of books currently available at Amazon. Just click on the BUY IT button to go straight to the link on Amazon.

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The Betrayal

They left him for dead.

They should have made sure.

Nick Mitchell thought he was having a good year.

His company, Mitchell Cole, is more successful than ever, and he and his wife couldn't be happier. As a way to thank his hard working staff he organises a trip for the entire company to Mahé, the largest island in the Seychelles. His wife is more than happy to accompany him.

But on a cruise in the islands, the boat is boarded by men with guns, and Nick Mitchell is stabbed and thrown overboard, along with a mysterious seventeen year old girl, a stowaway. By luck, he and the girl manage to swim to a small deserted island, but even though they both recover from their injuries, they soon find that life on the island is hard, and any chance of being rescued is slim.

Nick has no idea what has happened to his wife and the staff of his company. He fears the worst.

But because of a surprising piece of information from the girl, Nick begins to understand that the attack on the boat wasn't random. It was organised. And in order to stop those who conspired to have him killed, he must somehow get off the island.

From the blistering tropics of the Seychelles to the chilly streets of Bristol, England, Nick Mitchell must discover why he was left for dead, and who was responsible for The Betrayal.

Then, and only then, can he make them pay for what they did to him.

An epic tale of love, hate, death and revenge from the author of Tattoo and The Bristol Savages.

Vanishing Point

Bereft from the loss of an old friend, Sutton Mills has fallen into disreputable habits.
That is until Fin finds a case for him to look into: the mysterious hit-and-run of a young man called Christopher Masters.
Chris didn't have any friends, any hobbies, and he certainly didn't have any enemies. Why then does it seem that his death was no accident, that someone intentionally ran him over?
What at first appears like an accident soon turns into a strange, tangled web of lies, deceit, greed, and murder.

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The Artisans (Sutton Mills Book 3)

Sutton Mills is not a detective, a private eye, or a vigilante. But when people have nowhere to go, and the police are unwilling – or unable – to help, then people come to Sutton Mills. He is a lover of puzzles, an aspiring student of Art, an admirer of women. His methods are unorthodox, and if he doesn’t break the law, then he has been known to bend it from time to time.
But tonight he is none of those things.
Because tonight he is on the run.
Sutton Mills has managed to recover Toby Matheson, a fifteen year old boy, from the clutches of a cult known as the Church of the New Artisans.
But in his haste to escape and prevent the boy from being brainwashed, he has inadvertently left a trail of breadcrumbs for the Cult to follow.
The Artisans – led by a delusional psychopath known only as Bellafont – have despatched their Soldiers in an effort to bring back the boy. Trained, deadly, they will stop at nothing to recover young Toby.
Even if it means harming innocent bystanders in their way.
Or Sutton’s friends to get to him…

Drawing Blood (Sutton Mills Book 2)

Sutton Mills is not a detective, a private eye, or a vigilante. He is not a crusader. He is a man with an insatiable love of puzzles, an aspiring student of Art, an admirer of women.
But that is not all that Sutton Mills is.
Sometimes, when the police are unable to help, Sutton might step in to offer assistance…for a price.
But when he wakes in a mouldy, dark room, he has no idea who his kidnappers are or why they have abducted him. In the wake of the murder of his long-time friend Gavin Thompson, Sutton was too busy puzzling over the items left to him in his friend’s will: a lockbox, and a list of names. The lockbox has no key, and the list of names is without an accompanying note of explanation.
Only after a daring escape is Sutton able to turn his mind toward tracking down his abductors, and finding out who killed his friend…

Tattoo (Sutton Mills Book 1)

Within the city of Bristol, a man is targeting beautiful young women and murdering them in the most brutal way: he is torturing them, and then cutting off their heads. Seven days later he disposes of the bodies, leaving the police with only one clue as to his identity: a tattoo.
In desperation, Detective Sean Bocksham and Dr Robin Sails enlist the help of Sutton Mills to find Andrea, the killer’s latest victim and Robin’s sister.
Tall, dark and handsome, Sutton Mills is not a detective, a private eye, or a vigilante. When the police can do no more, when there is no one else to turn to, then people go to Sutton. He is a lover of puzzles and a diligent student of Art; a man living off the grid; a man with an uncanny ability to find things.
Calling on all his resources, Sutton must chase this cunning and intelligent psychopath through the streets of Bristol and find Andrea…before her time runs out.

The Bristol Savages

Anna is a wife, a mother, a businesswoman...and a serial killer.
As part of a unique support group comprised of like minded compulsive multiple murderers known as the Bristol Savages, she has been able to suppress the compulsion to kill and begun to carve out a normal life for herself.
But someone is aware of the Bristol Savages, and is targeting its members...and making it look as if Anna is responsible.
At the same time, a new task force is set up to focus solely on psychopaths, and as this new unit begins to close in on her and the Bristol Savages, Anna must race against the clock to find out who is behind the killings and stop them, before either her secret is exposed or her family becomes the next victims of this insatiable killer.

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Masks of Sanity

Six years after the investigation into the Bristol Savages, Detective Sarah Goodchild is no closer to discovering the whereabouts of Anna Lewis.

Instead, she is on the hunt for a particularly malicious child killer known as the Kindergardener. But as the investigation progresses, she begins to discover that the two are curiously connected.

On a cold night in February, during the worst storm in fifty years, the final battle will play out.

Bristol Savages 3 140820.jpg
Puppet Psycho


Anna Lewis, notorious prolific multiple murderer, is in custody.

But Detective Sarah Goodchild and the members of FIRRST now face an even greater challenge: the capture of the child killer known as the Kindergardener. Despite exhaustive attempts to uncover his identity, he is still at large.

With six dead children, the media attention has intensified, and FIRRST's bosses want results. Relatives of the victims have formed a support group, and have begun protesting in the streets.

Sarah is convinced that Anna can help, that her unique insights might lead them to the Kindergardener, but DCI Brown refuses to allow his detective to use her in the investigation. Instead, with the help of a lowly Detective Constable, they must piece together what clues they have and race against time to find the missing children. Before it's too late.

But Anna has plans of her own, and they don't involve staying locked up forever.

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