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A busy year...

So it's been a busy year...which is no excuse for not updating my blog more frequently!

But a lot has been happening. I am currently in the throes of reviewing the last draft of the latest addition to my Sutton Mills crime novels. As of this moment, it does not have a working title, but that hasn't stopped me getting excited about Sutton Mills number 4. I am hoping to release the next installment in the life and times of the unusual Mr Mills in December 2017. Watch this space!

Also on the cards is a sequel to my crime thriller The Bristol Savages. If you haven't read this, then check it out, as it is by far and away my most unusual title. I hope to do it justice by creating a sequel worthy of it. I'm looking to have this finished and available to read in February of 2018.

I have also been hard at work on a Sutton Mills novella. A prequel, set before the events of Tattoo. Once this is complete, I'll offer it up as a free story to my readers. This should be coming in the next couple of months.

In the mean time, I have been doing other things, honest! I have re-designed the covers of Tattoo, Drawing Blood, and The Artisans. I am trying to fine tune these images to better appeal to their more preferred audience. Only you can be the judge of whether I have achieved that. If I haven't,'s back to the drawing board!

Oh, and I've moved. Which is never an easy thing. The second most stressful thing in modern life. Or so I read somewhere. Divorce is the first, in case anyone was interested to know.

Being an aspiring indie author of course means that you do not have access to the resources of other fictionalists with a publishing house behind them. Which at first seems like a bad thing. Not so. For better or worse, you retain full control. So these covers are designed and produced by myself. A composite program of your choice can be used (there are enough out there). I used various stock image sites, some of which have some good offers that I advise other aspiring writers to take advantage of. Pixabay and Pexels have a nice selection of royalty free photography to use, and Big Stock have a 7 day free trial, which offers even more of a selection. Knock yourself out.

Anyway, its back to work for me. No peace for the wicked. I must have been bad in a previous life. Until we meet again, this is JG wishing you a Merry Xmas (yes, it's almost here) and a treasure trove of good books in your stocking.

As long as you've been good this year, of course.

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