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The new Sutton Mills' novel is available on pre-order!

Negative Space, the fifth book featuring Sutton Mills, will be available from the 11th June. If you order it now, you get it at the special promotional price of $0.99.

Here's what you have to look forward to:

John Garland runs a battery manufacturing plant that is slowly, steadily, being destroyed. Shipments are being disrupted, sales orders are being altered, and John has had to fire five key people in the last six months.

John has competitors, but he doesn't have enemies. So who could be doing this?

Sutton Mills has never worked in an office, but in order to discover what is happening in John's place of business, he might have to take up the chains of employment.

But with 101 people employed at the site, the list of suspects might be too much, even for Sutton.

Available for pre-order on Amazon now. I hope you enjoy.

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